Rep. Scanlon is committed to supporting our Veterans. He continues to fight for the aid and recognition that Massachusetts' Veterans deserve. Rep. Scanlon has filed 6 priority veterans bills in the 192nd General Court.

H.2203 - An Act relative to courtesy retail parking spaces designed for non-handicapped veterans

This bill would allow municipalities to reserve parking spaces for non-handicapped veterans in off street parking lots, large retail parking lots and parking garages. Municipalities shall be permitted to reserve not less than two parking spaces in parking lots with up to one thousand parking spaces. Municipalities shall also be permitted to reserve not less than two additional spaces for every additional five hundred parking spaces in a parking lot.

H.3056 - An Act relative to tax relief for low-income veterans

This bill exempts any veteran, whose annual income is at or below the federal poverty guideline, from the motor vehicle excise tax on one registered vehicle owned or leased for personal use.

H.3584 - An Act relative to registration fees for veterans' license plates

This bill makes distinctive veterans license plates cheaper for our Commonwealths’ veterans and credits all revenues to the Soldiers’ Home Trust Fund. The fund is managed by the board of trustees of the Soldiers’ Home in Holyoke and the board of trustees of the Soldier’s Home in Massachusetts and is used for improvements to the Commonwealths’ Soldiers Homes. The bill replaces the $20 annual veteran plate fee with a $20 bi-annual fee. The initial plate fee will also be limited to $40 (currently $60), where at least $28 is credited directly to the trust fund. The bill also maintains that registration fees will not be collected for veterans entitled to display distinctive number plates for the specified acts of service in SECTION 12 of the bill.

H.3689 - An Act providing for prisoners of war

This bill will exempt incomes received by prisoners of war from the state income tax. The bill establishes a lifetime state income tax exemption for prisoners of war.

H.3690 - An Act relative to EMT certification of veterans and military medics

This bill makes it easier for veterans and military medics to become EMT’s in the Commonwealth. The bill establishes that the department will develop criteria for determining if veteran and military medic education and training requirements are substantially equivalent to the education and training requirements for EMT’s in the Commonweal. The bill mandates that EMT licensing and certification can be waived, for veterans and military medics, if the education and training requirements are determined to be substantially equivalent.

H.3691 - An Act providing COVID-19 emergency financial relief to veterans

This bill establishes the COVID-19 Relief for Veterans Fund for the purposes of providing relief grants to veterans or surviving spouses, who have experienced financial loss due to COVID-19. Eligible applicants will have to demonstrate a financial loss, covered under one of the six categories provided. Eligible applicants may use the financial assistance to purchase groceries, health care supplies or other necessities, delivery services for the foregoing, for emergency financial relief, hospitalization assistance, medical care or treatment, or any other COVID-19 related assistance determined by the Secretary.