Other Priority Bills

H.1004 - An Act relative to farmers' markets

This bill establishes an official legal definition for “farmers’ markets” in the General Laws.

H.1870 - An Act relative to the protection of persons with disabilities

This bill is specific to protecting person with disabilities in the case that those persons are victims of rape and/or sexual abuse. This bill also establishes the ability for the courts to assess strict punishments on the perpetrators of these crimes against persons with disabilities.

H.3229 - An Act to procure public products or services from Massachusetts or the United States

This bill mandates that, in the case public procurement of products or services, Massachusetts based businesses will be prioritized. If the products or services are not available for 10% less outside of the Commonwealth, then the products or services are to be procured from businesses with their principal place of business in the Commonwealth. If the product is available for 10% less outside of the Commonwealth, it must be procured from within the United States. Foreign purchases will only be permissible, when the products or services are not available in the United States.

H.3585 - An Act relative to discounted MBTA passes for nonprofit entities

This bill creates discount MBTA fares for public charities and 501(c)3 nonprofits or charitable organizations. This bill limits fares, assessed to these qualifying organizations, at no more than half of the regular adult cash MBTA fare.