K-12 Education

Rep. Scanlon recognizes the need for a strong education system. Massachusetts passed landmark primary education legislation last session (2019 Student Opportunity Act); Rep. Scanlon intends to make sure that the Commonwealth delivers on the promises made in that legislation and will continue to work hard for each and every pupil in our education system.

H.696 - An Act relative to local approval for charter schools

This bill allows local communities to have a say on any new charter schools opening in their area, specifically requiring local approval before charter schools have access to public funding. Charter schools have a definitive impact on local school budgets without any form of elected accountability. Therefore, this process would ensure elected representation in discussions on any new charter schools in that community's area. Local approval would be provided by:

  • Approval by an elected School Committee for each school district from which the charter school is expected to enroll students

  • Approval by voters at a town meeting of each of the towns from which the charter school is expected to enroll students

  • In the case of a city without an elected school committee, by a vote of the city council, by whatever title it may be known, and the Mayor

H.697 - An Act relative to regional vocational school agreements

This bill establishes that, every five years, regional vocational school agreements will be reopened for negotiation. Negotiation may commence between the school committee of the regional vocational school and the school committees of cities and towns that are members of the regional vocational school. Any agreement must be approved by a majority vote of each member school committee and a majority vote for the regional school committee.

H.698 - An Act relative to tuition-free universal full-day kindergarten.

This bill establishes a Universal Full-Day Kindergarten Trust Fund to provide financial aid to school districts. This financial aid is for the implementation and maintenance of tuition-free full-day kindergarten programs. School committees may request reimbursement for up to full cost of implementing and maintaining these programs.

H.699 - An Act relative to vocational education

This bill ensures that any town, that belongs to a regional vocational district, may offer an approved vocational technical program in its municipal high school.