Rep. Scanlon is committed to making healthcare more equitable and available to all. This pandemic has highlighted the need for a robust healthcare system that can adequately and equitably serve everyone.

H.268 - An Act regarding spouses as caregivers

This bill establishes that spouses are included within the definition of family members, as it applies to caregiving in Section 9 of Chapter 118E. This bill ensures that spouses acting as caregivers are provided equal treatment under the law. Spouses will be able to serve as paid caregivers and have equal access to all the benefits of home and community based services funded pursuant to Chapter 118E.

H.1314 - An Act relative to the Community Hospital Reinvestment Trust Fund

This bill ensures that the Community Hospital Reinvestment Trust Fund will continue to be annually funded through a $10,000,000 transfer from the Center for Health and Information Analysis. The annual appropriations to the fund by CHIA are set to expire on June 30th, 2021. If the expiration date of these appropriations is not lifted, Community Hospitals will begin to bear the cost of reinvestment themselves, during a global health crisis.

H.3690 - An Act relative to EMT certification of veterans and military medics

This bill makes it easier for veterans and military medics to become EMT’s in the Commonwealth. The bill establishes that the department will develop criteria for determining if veteran and military medic education and training requirements are substantially equivalent to the education and training requirements for EMT’s in the Commonweal. The bill mandates that EMT licensing and certification can be waived, for veterans and military medics, if the education and training requirements are determined to be substantially equivalent.