Despite living in the 21st Century, Massachusetts’ transportation system continues to not be able to provide adequate services for our citizens. The number of derailments has continued to climb over the last few years. The Boston Globe reported that its review of federal records showed 43 train derailments during the five-year period of 2014-2018. According to a state Safety Review Panel, “These incidents resulted in numerous injuries, millions of dollars in equipment damage and repair costs, significant delays, unpredictable service, and increased dissatisfaction amongst regional stakeholders and customers regarding the organization’s ability to provide safe and reliable service… In essence, safety is not the priority at the T, but it must be.”

Additionally, there have been 9 different General Managers of the MBTA since 2010. I would also advocate for reducing public transit fares and stronger accountability of the MBTA. I am also supportive of connecting the north and south rail as well. In my time on Beacon Hill, I will be a vocal advocate for increased public transportation funding. I will also advocate strongly for a south cost rail.

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