Providing a quality education to all students has always been a close ideal of mine. The district continues to deal with a state funding formula that is not equitable to our region. As your State Representative, I would strive every day to fight as much funding as possible for our students and teachers. I would also fight against unfunded mandates that have a detrimental effect on our district. I would also attempt to work with other legislators to reshape the assessment process that it is more conducive to the everyday teachings in the classroom. Teachers and staff know more than anyone else on what is best to educate our kids, not government bureaucrats. North Attleboro has been very successful in embedding social and emotional core competencies into the curriculum. This is an area that should continue to be explored on the state level. Additionally, I would continue to fight for debt free community college in our Commonwealth so that everyone has access to an associate’s degree. I will advocate and fight for funding for our public universities and colleges to support professors and students. I will also work to make college more affordable for working class families, this is beneficial in stimulating our economy and developing the workforce.

Mansfield High School
North Attleboro High School
Attleboro High School