Accessible State Government

I will always be a strong advocate for transparency and accountability on Beacon Hill. The proposed Senate and House Rules for the 2021-2022 Legislative Session represent a substantial increase in transparency. I do believe that the Legislature can continue to improve.

I support making committee votes public. I also support increasing notice for hearings and offering more time for the public to read bills. I think it is imperative that the public be given access to public testimony and I would like to see the Legislature adopt portions of the public records law, that do not infringe upon constituent privacy. I intend to keep my constituents abreast of all my votes and legislation, and will continue to deliver important updates through social media, my newsletter, and this website.

I would like to say that I am proud of the recent efforts, by Leadership and my colleagues, to increase transparency on Beacon Hill. I believe that we will continue to improve in the coming years. I will attempt to lead by example and am committing to keep my constituency informed of all my actions on Beacon Hill. I look forward to the the public's participation and ask you to hold me accountable throughout my term.